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Apple Faces Continued Allegations Within Its Chinese Supply Chain Operations

By: Greenbiz

August 01, 2013

Apple is facing fresh questions over alleged workers’ rights violations and environmental mismanagement in its Chinese supply chain, following the publication of a major new report from the China Labor Watch (CLW) group.

The report details an investigation into a number of facilities operated by Apple supplier Pegatron, where it claims to have uncovered 86 labor rights violations, including underage labor, excessive working hours, health and safety concerns and environmental pollution.

The investigation primarily focused on labor rights, but it also alleged that Pegatron’s RiTeng and AVY facilities were guilty of disposing of waste water directly into the sewage system, polluting the local water source.

“Our investigations have shown that labor conditions at Pegatron factories are even worse than those at Foxconn factories,” said CLW executive director Li Qiang in a statement, referring to the last Apple supplier to have faced allegations of worker rights violations. “Apple has not lived up to its own standards. This will lead to Apple’s suppliers abusing labor to strengthen their position for receiving orders. In this way, Apple is worsening conditions for workers, not improving them.”

In a lengthy statement, Apple said it would investigate the claims made by CLW with immediate effect.