Collection Of Guarantees

Let Transervice save you pitfalls and headaches

Does your business receive all warranty benefits available for the makes and models of equipment you operate, including changes to insurance policies? No supplier produces equipment that is free from manufacturing defects. It’s important that you get every piece of equipment to its maximum value to reduce your costs and protect your investment.
Managing warranty collections can be as frustrating as a maze. The time you waste there could be spent on your main activity. It can be beneficial for your business to leverage Transervice’s experience in managing warranty collections for the benefit of your own fleet using our warranty management program.

Whether you are a customer of our Exclusive Transportation Agreement, our Comprehensive Rental Services, our Maintenance Agreement or using this program as a stand-alone service, our warranty recovery team provides you with the benefits of recovery while minimizing your operating costs.

Transervice has the proven processes, technology and management expertise required to ensure the maximum warranty recovery to which you are entitled.

Transervice’s warranty management solution applies to:

  • Light trucks, vans and automobiles
  • Medium and heavy trucks, tractors and trailers
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Specialized equipment
  • Handling equipment

This solution offers:

  • Computerized complaints management
  • Analysis of all work orders
  • Documentation of all warranty claims with original manufacturers
  • Claims negotiation to maximize recovery
  • Claims status reports

Contact us today at (514) 667-2046 and find out why more and more leading companies trust Transervice’s turnkey program for their warranty management.