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Energy and Diesel Fuel and Other Commodities – EIA

Diesel fuel prices continue to fall with the change from a year ago to over $0.15 per gallon. State tax differential which can be significant and transport costs explain the variability by zone.

On-road diesel fuel prices

TODAY IN ENERGY: EIA, Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marcellus gas pipeline projects will mainly benefit New York and New Jersey
Several pipeline expansion projects are expected to come on stream this winter to increase natural gas extraction capacity from the Marcellus shales area of ​​the Appalachian Basin, where production has increased significantly over the past two years. These new projects are largely focused on bringing gas to the New York/New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic areas and would have limited benefits for New England consumers.

Natural gas exports to Asia

By: Maritime Executive | September 09, 2013

The United States is poised to capture the first and most of the additional unmet Asian demand for gas shipped by 2025 with the help of an expanded Panama Canal and prices rivals may have hard to match.

An increase in natural gas production in the United States thanks to the shale revolution means that new proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in Australia, East Africa, Canada and Russia can no longer count. export to the United States and will now have to focus more on sales to Asia.