Fleet Maintenance


Our turnkey exclusive custom maintenance solutions deliver the results you need

Large companies find that Transervice’s exclusive maintenance service meets the needs of their fleet of vehicles that they own or lease. For what? Because we offer exclusive maintenance solutions equivalent to the services offered under our full service rental programs. We will maintain your trucks, semi-trailers and material handling equipment to our usual rigorous standards while effectively controlling costs.

Preventive maintenance and effective equipment repairs are at the heart of our business. Regardless of equipment types, makes, models and configurations, our certified technicians and service personnel can meet your operational needs.

Our exclusive maintenance solutions include:

  • Engineering support, configuration and selection of your equipment, including the selection of new engine technologies and on-board computers.
  • Exclusive on-site service facilities staffed by certified service management and personnel and stocked with full spare parts inventory as well as necessary shop supplies and diagnostic tools.
  • Preventive maintenance carried out to ensure maximum use and longevity of the equipment as well as the necessary repairs, all accounted for by an ultra-modern computer system and without recourse to the paper report.
  • Nationwide emergency roadside assistance service (24 hours a day, 24 days a year) to minimize delays and get your driver back on the road…when the unexpected happens.
  • Equipment inspections and regulatory compliance assistance (TC, MTQ, CCOHS, EPA).
  • Warranty recovery that is equivalent to what we do on our full service rental programs. All repairs are assessed on a recoverable basis and monies recovered are credited to you.

Optional services:

  • Computerized analysis of the road fleet, selection and quantity of required equipment
  • Reports on consumption and collection of fuel taxes
  • Driver Defensive Driving Programs
  • All repairs following a collision can be managed by Transervice: towing, selection of the supplier, inspection of the repairs carried out, all with the aim of reducing your costs as much as possible.

Our exclusive maintenance solutions are, of course, based on Full Disclosure – Open Book Pricing for the duration of the contract, including Profit Sharing and Guaranteed Maximum Annual Rate.

Contact us today at (514) 667-2046 and find out why, more and more, leading companies trust Transervice’s turnkey solution for the maintenance of their vehicle fleet.