Fleet Optimization


Continuous improvement through continuous monitoring of key performance indicators

Most companies don’t do fleet optimization analysis on a regular basis, or even once a year. However, and especially in the current climate, companies are constantly changing. However, for most of them, this type of analysis is not their core competence and, even when it is, these analyzes, which are always very time consuming, require the latest tools to be profitable. .

Logistics and fleet optimization software backed by many years of operational experience

Because no business remains static for very long, we have found that by using our state-of-the-art information systems, we are often able to adapt or streamline fleet methods and operations, making them even more efficient. For complete success, it is essential to establish a high level of collaboration between Transervice and the customer.

Our fleet optimization process includes:

    • Analysis on fleet size, route optimization and logistics
    • Assessing fleet performance and benchmarking against best practices that are constantly being added to our database
    • Assessment of performance improvement opportunities
    • Operational cost analysis
      • Specifications and configurations
      • Use of equipment
      • Resource review
    • Development of a performance improvement plan that clearly demonstrates where opportunities for optimization exist and what financial gains can be made.
    • Constant monitoring of the action plan to ensure continuous improvement in the optimization of the fleet, and this not only part of the time, but at all times.

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