Fleet Resource Management Tools


Optimize your entire supply chain, from your suppliers’ suppliers to your customers’ customers.

With its fleet resource management tools, Transervice can help you gain more control over your fleet management, greatly improving planning and operational efficiency, while reducing costs. Your entire supply chain cycle becomes more efficient, from start to end user.

When was the last time you assessed your park’s resources?

  • Transervice uses various fleet resource management tools to determine the number of drivers and operating units needed to serve a given set of trips.
  • Powerful algorithms are used to assign trips to drivers and vehicles, while minimizing the resources needed at each distribution or manufacturing center.
  • We can quickly change ride assignments, departure times, and other trip elements. These changes would usually take several days if done manually.
  • The changes made to the journeys are automatically analyzed in order to ensure their feasibility and to identify any violation of the rules such as the absence of sufficient time or the exceeding of the authorized daily driving hours.
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