Full Disclosure


As part of a unique approach, Transervice communicates more than just its fixed and variable tariffs. Whether it’s an exclusive transport solution, long-term rental with maintenance services or exclusive maintenance services, we present you with a complete operating budget for your operations which specifies all the costs, including :

Details of each cost component (see cost categories below):

  1. Acquisition cost and depreciation of equipment
  2. Equipment finance cost
  3. Labor cost, including payroll taxes
  4. Parts, supplies and materials
  5. Tires and related costs
  6. Taxes and permits
  7. Indirect costs and fees

Separate and exclusive accounting for your operations, with budget comparison subject to your verification.

Monthly operating statements are sent to you so that you can measure our performance against your guaranteed rates.

When was the last time you dealt with a vendor that was completely transparent and allowed you to see the books that show where your money is being spent and why?

Whether you are looking for exclusive maintenance services for a fleet of semi-trailers, maintenance services for material handling equipment, long-term rental services with maintenance or an exclusive transport solution, we work in collaboration with your company. and share the yield gains!

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Full Disclosure

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