Full-Service Leasing

We provide the resources that deliver the results you need

Large companies operating fleets of vehicles to deliver their brands on time and at no additional cost trust Transervice’s “turnkey and personalized rental solutions”.

For what? Because we guarantee complete and exclusive rental services that eliminate the problems of management and capital investment necessary for the operation of a fleet of vehicles, and this, supported by maintenance and assistance services at the end point.

Whether your needs are local, regional or inter-provincial, we can design a fully customized all-inclusive rental solution optimized for your fleet needs. So, whatever the size of your fleet, whatever the loads to be transported and their destinations, you can count on Transervice.

Complete and exclusive personalized rental services – not shared!

Your business model and needs are unique. Message received! That’s why Transervice configures the trucks, semi-trailers and material handling equipment required to do the job with the support of maintenance facilities and highly trained personnel exclusively dedicated to your needs, and not shared with others. parks.

In short, we take care of your fleet needs so you don’t have to worry about them.

Our all-inclusive rental solutions include:

  • Acquisition of the assets so that no capital investment obligation is imposed on you.
  • We can also purchase your existing fleet if desired.
  • Engineering, configuration and selection of your equipment, including selection of new technologies for engines and on-board computers.
  • Advantageous fleet prices based on our national purchasing agreements.
  • Exclusive on-site service facilities under our supervision and certified service personnel and equipped with all necessary shop equipment, parts and diagnostic tools.
  • Preventive maintenance carried out to ensure maximum use and longevity of the equipment as well as the necessary repairs, all accounted for by an ultra-modern computer system and without recourse to the paper report.
  • With our technical skills and exceptional experience, our maintenance program keeps fleet equipment running beyond its actual useful life and lease term, giving customers a financial advantage. significant.
  • Nationwide emergency roadside assistance service (24 hours a day, 24 days a year) to minimize delays and get your driver back on the road…when the unexpected happens.
  • Expert management of compliance systems (TC, MTQ, CCOHS, EPA).
  • Inspections, licenses and permits, property taxes and optional insurance.

Optional services:Computerized analysis of the fleet, selection and quantity of required equipment

Reports on consumption and collection of fuel taxes

Driver Defensive Driving Programs

Contact us today at (514) 667-2046  and find out why more and more leading companies are trusting Transervice for their complete turnkey rental services needs.