Green Logistics

We can help you with environmental and sustainability issues

At Transervice, we recognize that many companies, including our customers, take advantage of opportunities to promote green processes at almost every stage of their supply chains. We understand and support the studies claiming that a green commitment to our environment provides many benefits and also boosts operational efficiency.
Up to 75% of a company’s carbon footprint comes from transport and logistics. The practice of greening supply chains is an increasingly high priority and Transervice is committed to helping its customers ensure that the greening of their transportation and logistics is successful and profitable from a operational view.

By working with our customers, we can take a ‘lean’ approach and help eliminate operational waste. For example, optimizing the load capacity of trucks and trailers can significantly reduce fuel consumption and kilometers traveled, which reduces the carbon footprint of the fleet. In addition, a resizing of the park and an analysis of transport abound in the same direction.

Together we can help you analyze delivery methods, choice of vehicles and their specifications, fleet sizing, routing and timings, on-board electronics and better warehouse locations, all of which can have a significant impact on the fuel consumption, emissions and profitability of your business.

Transervice’s green philosophy
At Transervice, we are committed to improving the environment within communities and everywhere we operate. To do this, we count:

  • Collaborate with customers to identify efficient returns opportunities or develop return logistics.
  • Specify the most fuel efficient equipment considering all operational requirements.
  • Train all drivers on idle time and fuel efficient driving methods for the equipment we use.
  • Maintain strict compliance standards (EPA, DOT and CCOHS) and recycle all fluids, parts and materials as possible.
  • Encourage our suppliers to contribute to this objective by evaluating their own sustainability efforts in energy, natural resources, materials, people and communities.

At Transervice we are constantly looking for ways to reduce both our carbon footprint and waste. We know that, through the collaboration of our customers, we can make a difference.

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