Guaranteed Rates


Let Transervice take the financial risk out of operating your fleet.

Minimizing risk starts with Transervice developing the right transportation model for your business. As we use a fully customer-centric approach to developing our solutions, your business benefits from superior service and increased profitability through a custom designed fleet model, an operating model tailored to your needs and the right equipment.

During this process, we develop a customized annual operating budget to reflect your fleet’s operating costs in detail and in full transparency, taking the financial guesswork out of your fleet’s operating budget. .

To this end, we use our full disclosure program, in addition to setting guaranteed rates. At the end of each year of operation, if actual operating costs exceed guaranteed rates, YOUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTED AGAINST ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS.

When operating costs are less than the total budget for the year, you get profit sharing.

Whether you’re looking for exclusive maintenance services, long-term rental services with maintenance, or an exclusive transportation solution, we work with your business and share the efficiencies!

Want to learn more about our Full Disclosure, Earnings Sharing and Guaranteed Maximum Rates programs?

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