Logistics Services (3pl/4pl)


Transervice may be the ideal solution by integrating into your supply chain and facilitating collaboration within it, as well as with any other external provider (3PL/4PL) of transport and logistics services. distro you are using.

Let Transervice add value by dramatically improving the efficiency of your logistics processes, resulting in an integrated logistics solution that will ensure smooth and timely receipts of raw materials at factories, transfers between facilities and deliveries from factory to customer or distribution centers that perform the final portion of the shipping process. Transervice’s logistics experts will design a model that will optimize the use of semi-trailers across your network, providing you with a customized, cost-effective solution with a high level of service.

We then work with your 3PL or 4PL logistics service provider to integrate our services seamlessly and provide you with a reliable and cost-effective service, allowing you to benefit from a fully integrated logistics solution.

By using Transervice as part of your transport logistics services (3PL), you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Transportation equipment
  • Drivers and other human resources costs
  • Insurance and security
  • Driver supervision
  • Fleet management
  • All services are dedicated to your activities in order to provide you with a complete solution adapted to your needs.

If necessary, Transervice can also provide other specialized services, such as labor for your docks and warehouses.