Mechanical Maintenance Technicians


Career Opportunities for Highly Skilled Fleet Mechanical Service Technicians

Career Opportunities for Mechanical Service Assistants and Apprentices

We offer very competitive compensation and benefits.

Transervice uses the latest technologies and the latest maintenance and mechanical shop systems to allow our technicians to identify and fix problems quickly in order to ensure the maintenance and repair of trucks, tractors, trailers and handling equipment. We provide ongoing training to our technicians to ensure their knowledge and skills are maintained.

Our technicians put their knowledge and expertise to work to keep our vehicles running safely and efficiently. Keeping our equipment in top condition is of paramount importance and that’s why, whether it’s preventative maintenance and inspection or replacement of headlights, your performance plays a vital role in the success of our customers.

What does working as a Mechanical Service Technician look like at Transervice?

Transervice employs technicians in more than 120 facilities across North America and offers opportunities for career advancement in mechanical shop supervision or management. We offer a safe and efficient work environment that meets all occupational health and safety standards, in addition to ongoing training on our internal practices, environmental protection and paperless mechanical workshop systems. . In addition to a highly competitive compensation package, our management team promotes an “open door” approach and will welcome you into the “Transervice family” by treating you with respect and dignity.

In return, we expect you to deliver professional performance, demonstrate commitment, be honest and have a positive attitude. You must be a fully qualified Mechanical Service Technician, who holds a diploma from a recognized vocational training institution, in addition to 3 to 5 years of relevant experience. You must also have a commercial driver’s license and, in some cases, depending on the position to be filled, we also require experience with diesel engines. We promote ASE certification. In addition, Ministry of Transportation checks, medical screening, and drug and alcohol testing are still mandatory.