Our People

At Transervice, our mission is to provide our customers with the best solutions to improve customer service and cost control, thus providing concrete and lasting benefits.

We recognize the important contribution of our employees, at all levels of the company, and the value of the diversity of individuals and ideas. Our experience has shown us that the management of a company does not have a monopoly on creativity and innovation.

We promote open communication, the development of skills and knowledge, a commitment to excellence and, of course, teamwork. This is often easier said than done and that is why we ask each of our employees not only to work at Transervice, but also to participate in the company’s continuous improvement process.

At Transervice, we are particularly proud of the stability of our business. We highlight the contribution of our employees by inducting into our Anniversary Club those of them who have 10 years of service with Transervice. From their 10e anniversary of employment, and every five years thereafter, we highlight the accomplishment of these employees during a very special event and we give them a gift. The Anniversary Club has several members whose seniority exceeds 20 years, some cumulate more than 30 years of service and even two members who started working at Transervice when it was founded, more than 40 years ago. The seniority of these employees demonstrates the quality of the work environment offered by our company.

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