Park Staff Management

From the work bay to the road, whether the workforce is unionized or not

As a leader in its industry with constant expansion in North America, Transervice has the human resources capabilities required to help your team restructure its people management. Usually, other shipping companies and logistics services don’t offer these kinds of capabilities. Resources available include: professional skills development, career guidance and opportunities for advancement.

More transportation career options

As a leading employer within the transportation industry, we are able to attract, develop and retain the highly skilled people needed to deliver the quality solutions we offer.

This means we are often able to offer a wider range of career options for fleet managers, supervisors, dispatchers, professional drivers, mechanics, shop managers and operations managers.

When the best solution is to transfer your skilled employees to Transervice, we handle human resources challenges with professionalism, diligence and compassion. Whether your employees are subject to a collective agreement or other issues of concern arise, this does not bother Transervice. As proven by experience with some of North America’s best-known companies, the transition to Transervice will be seamless for your business, your customers and your employees.

Human resource management building trust, cooperation and stability

Our greatest asset will always be our people. This is why our main objective remains the professional development of our employees so that they can realize their full potential. Our management and human resources team are responsible for recruiting, training, developing and retaining the best professional team in the industry.

Choose Transervice for your personnel management

  • As the best team in the transport industry, we guarantee you the excellent levels of performance you demand.
  • Transervice approaches human resource management with openness, honesty, trust and respect, just as we treat our clients.
  • Our approach is the same for employees or contractors, whether the employees are unionized or not.
  • Transervice measures performance against goals that drive consistent results and improvement.

Contact us today at (514) 667-2046 and find out why, more and more, leading companies trust Transervice for their turnkey personnel management.