Profit Sharing


Sharing gains with Transervice: continuous improvement that bears fruit!

Many logistics service providers tell you how much they can save you money through continuous improvement. But when was the last time a transportation provider offered you to participate in a win-sharing program based on a collaborative effort that lowers your fleet operating costs and results in tangible savings, right from the start? first two years of the partnership? That’s what Transervice does and more!

Continuously reducing the cost of operating your fleet generates savings for your business

In several cases, we have realized concrete savings from the first year of operation for the benefit of our customers. By continuing to work together, we have been able to demonstrate a reduction in the annual cost of operating the fleet on an ongoing basis.

Example: Suppose the maximum rates guaranteed under your contract are $3 per year including all fees as established under full disclosure. However, at the end of the year, your actual operating cost, as detailed in the logistics statement, is only $000, which represents a savings of $000, which is shared between your company and Transervice. This kind of partnership encourages both parties to constantly optimize operational efficiency.

Whether you are looking for exclusive maintenance services for a fleet of semi-trailers, maintenance services for material handling equipment, long-term rental services with maintenance or an exclusive transport solution, we work in collaboration with your company. and share the yield gains!

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