Transportation Modeling


Distribution Center Network Analysis Reveals Potential Savings

Transportation is one of the most expensive elements of the cost of goods sold and is generally the first or second most expensive element in the supply chain. Supply chain issues such as volatile transport and fuel costs, inefficient route planning, road and maritime congestion and unnecessary mileage are increasingly having a negative impact on business profits.

Our team of analysts designs solutions that take into account your network’s current costs and service levels.

Our transport modeling software can evaluate multiple network scenarios to reduce costs and improve service levels. The modeling takes into account the location of suppliers and your distribution centers, planned changes, other modes of transportation and associated costs, as well as customer service requirements.

The software allows you to identify the right number of people and transportation resources, as well as where those resources should reside. We can simulate route planning strategies and define costs and service levels. This tool is ideal for creating a dynamic transportation model that measures the cost and service impact of any changes to the supply chain when required.

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