Transportation Safety Programs

Protect your employees by eliminating risks and ensuring safety

Transervice believes that transportation safety is vitally important and indispensable to being a socially responsible corporate citizen. We are very attentive to the safety of our employees, the employees of our customers and the public. Wherever we operate, we are committed to preventing accidents and eliminating risks, whether on the road or in the mechanical workshops.

Park safety management is of vital importance

A true expert in transport safety, Transervice ensures the safety of its maintenance facilities as well as the safety of each driver in order to protect your cargo. We are a registered public training agency of the National Safety Council Driver Improvement Program and have our own safety staff. Transervice also operates a Safety Training Institute where our National Safety Council certified instructors teach drivers that we employ the principles of safe and defensive driving to protect your cargo from damage caused by road accidents. Integrating security into fleet management, Transervice has implemented measures such as professional management, documented procedures, loss control systems and incident tracking.

Transervice protects its fleet operations

In order to protect our employees and cargo, Transervice adheres to the following guidelines:

  • We conduct semi-annual inspections to defined standards that cover all aspects of loss prevention and compliance.
  • We adhere to defined safety measures for all personnel which include: daily observation, reporting and risk reduction by technicians, commercial vehicle operators, administrators, dispatchers, and managers.
  • We adhere to safety recognition and reward programs that encourage better measurable results.
  • We conduct extensive safety training for all employees.
  • We maintain centralized DOT, CCOHS, and EPA records that meet auditing requirements and ensure compliance.
  • We consider safety during performance reviews and during performance improvement processes.
  • We understand and follow all WHMIS regulations applicable to Transervice operations.
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