Transportation Software


Transervice’s system is used to manage transport solutions such as exclusive transport contracts. This system also serves as a platform for our mechanical maintenance operations, fostering a paperless environment in our mechanical shops, which eliminates handwritten paperwork for our technicians, saving them time and improving data accuracy. The system makes it possible to keep an up-to-date history of maintenance costs for each piece of equipment under Transervice’s management, regardless of the solution chosen by the customer.

Our system offers the following advantages:

  • Ability to act on actual data and established processes using “fact-based” reporting.
  • Visual elements linking technologies, business processes and functions.
  • Electronic data interchange and other forms of data integration.
  • Exception tracking and reporting.
  • Performance indicator measurement reports and dashboards for continuous improvement.
  • Driver and equipment qualifications, track load requirements, business rules and alerts.
  • Fleet management, including equipment and drivers.
  • Optimization of the use of park equipment.
  • Link to customer systems and industry-specific ordering and data networks.
  • Integration with leading service and solution providers.
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